Join the CISPA Parent Pinboard

All parents are welcome to join the CISPA Parent Pinboard on Facebook. It is a forum for CDNIS parents to share resources, ask questions about the school, and much more!

To ensure that all applicants to the Pinboard are CDNIS parents, Pinboard Administrators send an email to the school email address ( of everyone who applies to the Pinboard. Upon receiving a reply, Administrators will add applicants to the forum.

If you are waiting to join the Pinboard, please check your school email for a message from Pinboard Administrators. If you are having trouble with your school email address, contact for assistance. If your school email is functional and you have applied to the Pinboard and have still not heard from us, email

NOTE – the Administrators don’t actually know your email address! All we have to go on is the name we see in your Facebook profile. If you have a different first name last name in your email address versus your Facebook profile, then the email we send won’t reach you. You need to reach out to us at