Lit Blitz is Coming!

Lit Blitz is on its way to CDNIS!  It’s a book and reading themed festival for LS students to encourage their love of reading and from that, their love of learning.

This year’s theme is Diversity, Unity, Community.

Main events include:

– International Library Day (Sept 12):  Volunteers from over 20 different countries showcase their books, authors, and beloved characters.

– Scholastic Book Club:  A new exciting book club will be launched for students.  See separate post on how to order.

– Book Fair (Sept 18-22):  A chance for students to peruse and buy some books for home.

– Pancake and Pyjama Day (Sept 27):  Students are encouraged to come to school in their PJs.  Pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup will be served at lunch.

*photo by Anastasia Darsono Photography.