CISPA Outreach summary of the academic year 2016/17

CISPA’s Outreach Committee holds regular meetings. If you are keen to be involved, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you! Contact Amy Ng at or Clare Arnold at

Below is a brief summary of the initiatives that received assistance from Outreach during academic year 2016/17.

Summary for Academic Year 2016/17

During academic year 2016/17, Outreach assisted with the following initiatives:

Domestic Helpers Group (Prep teacher- led)
to buy ingredients to bake cookies for Domestic Helpers

Elderly Poverty HK (Grade 6 student-led)
to buy art materials to teach the elderly in care homes how to sketch and use watercolours

Endangered Sea Animals (ESA)(Grade 6 student-led)
to create a prototype fishing method that sea animals will not get stuck in and/or can easily escape from so that the fishing only catches the sea animals needed/intended

Student Advocates for Gender Equality (SAGE) (G8 teacher- led)
to purchase licensing rights for the film “Dream Girl” so that the film can be shown at CDNIS to make the school community more aware of gender biases

Laos CAS week (Staff- led, Learning technology)
towards donation to fund community improvement projects in the Seuang River Valley region of Laos

Cooking for a cause (Grade 10 student- led)
to fund ingredients and materials for a cookout for the refugees in Christian Action

Habitat for Humanity (Grades 10 to 12 student-led)
to assist with costs of a trip undertaken by 24 upper school students to Thailand to help build homes on the Rayong region. This is a self-funded trip by US students, the funds provided by Outreach would help reduce costs per student

Refugee Educational Support Program- Everyone can teach! (RESPECT)(Grade 11 student- led)
funding for transportation costs of refugee children so that parents can bring their children to the program

Young Masters Gavel Club (Staff- led: upper school, CAS co-ordinator)(Grades 11 and 12 students)
to help fund prizes for a friendly competition between US students of the GIN Club

Award for Young People (Staff- led: upper school, CAS co-ordinator)
to subsidise costs of 5 students participating in the Gold Level exhibition

Aims and Outlook for Academic Year 2017/18

· Increase awareness of Outreach: to increase general awareness among students, staff and parents of the availability of Outreach resources to them

· Increase parent membership/interest in Outreach

· Encourage applications from students, staff and parents alike

· Request feedback from each project with a report and photos, etc. so that Outreach can see the end product of the funding