Family Fun Fair Tickets

Please join us at CDNIS on Sunday November 26th for a fun-filled day at our Winter Wonderland themed Fair. The doors will open at 11am and the fair will close at 4pm.

Taste the favourites from all parts of the world at the international food festival, and let the children (and adults!) enjoy games and fun activities. A recycled book stall will also be part of the Family Fun Fair, a great chance to buy new and used books to refresh your shelves.

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2017 Family Fun Fair Advance Ticketing Form (PayPal)

Purchase your FFF advance tickets here! Advance ticket special price for $120 until Tuesday, 21 November 2017. Ticket price will be $150 at the door. This form is for credit card payment orders only. Tickets are required for students (CDNIS or non-CDNIS). Adults and Children 2 years and under are FREE! Questions? Email
  • If more than one child at CDNIS, please enter the details of your youngest child only
  • Price: HK$120.00 Quantity:
    Tickets are ONLY required for students (CDNIS or Non-CDNIS). Admission for adults and children 2 years and under FREE.