What a wonderful Family Fun Fair! Thank You!

Thank you to every one for an amazing Family Fun Fair in Winter Wonderland!

With a huge huge thanks to:

– everyone in our wonderful community who came along to enjoy the FFF;

– all the volunteers who worked tirelessly today, yesterday and in the months leading up to the FFF to make it the resounding success it was today;

– to the US Students for their booths, volunteers and contributions;

– to the Scouts for their Bake Sale and Obstacle Course;

– to all the performers, vendors and other contributors;

– to the parents who cooked up a storm for the International Food Fair;

– for all the generous donations; and

– of course, to the CDNIS Facilities Management Team and the CDNIS Security Team

Finally a special nod to Sabrina Maguire who led the Family Fun Fair Committee to another successful year, with close to 1500 children in attendance!

A few of the snaps from parts of the Fair