Final Lost Property Sort and Collection of 2017

The Lost Property bins shall be sorted on Wednesday 6 December, and Lost Property shall be on display on Friday 8 December.

If you would like to volunteer your time to help on either date, please contact

What happens on 6 December?

All named LS items shall be returned to students in their homeroom on 6 December.

A list of all named US items shall be sent to US Admin for circulation to the students to encourage them to collect their items on 8 December.

What shall be on display on 8 December?

All named US items and all un-named items shall be on display at 6/F Bridge on 8 December from 0730 to 1230.

What shall happen to unclaimed Lost Property?

All lost property un-claimed by 12 December shall be donated to charity or otherwise disposed of, to clear the way for 2018!