2018 Family Fun Fair Advance Ticket Paypal

2018 Family Fun Fair Advance Ticketing Form (PayPal)

Purchase your CISPA FFF advance tickets here! Advance ticket special price is $130 until 5 pm on Friday, November 23, 2018. Ticket price will be $150 at the door. This form is for credit card payment orders only. Tickets are required for students (CDNIS or non-CDNIS). Adults and Children 2 years and under are FREE! Questions? Email fff@cispa.hk
  • If more than one child at CDNIS, please enter the details of your youngest child only
  • Price: HK$130.00 Quantity:
    Tickets are ONLY required for students (CDNIS or Non-CDNIS). Admission for adults and children 2 years and under FREE.