Look What You Missed!!

The first meeting of the new Wellness Series was held this morning and it was a fabulous feast of health snacks and discussion. No lectures, just an exchange of ideas, recipes and experiences.

The following topics will be covered in future meeting and workshops:

  1. Types of oils, flour and rice
  2. Fermenation class
  3. What Appliances? From Thermomix, air dryers and blenders, which one(s) are tried, tested and recommended
  4. Essential Oils
  5. Shopping: meat, fish, vegetables. What are the dirty dozen and the clean dozen?
  6. Juicing: dry supplements/powders
  7. Water

If you have any additional topics you would like add to this list, please let Mrs Jenny Lee or Mrs Alison Brock know.

Please do join us at the next session in the LLAC Lobby on 1 February 2018, from 0800 to 0900.