With Thanks for the Amazing Response to the Clothes Drive

Thank you to everyone in the community who responded to the recent UNICEF Winter Clothes Drive and the Call for clothes for the Refugees.

Outreach passes on a a huge Thanks from the students who led the UNICEF drive. The Final box total was 17. The students hope to arrange delivery for this Monday, the 29th.

Clothes for Refugees
Outreach passes on many, many thanks to our wonderful community for being so timely and generous with their donations. There are many families whose daily lives will be brightened by the shoes and clothing, toys and toiletries that all of you so kindly brought in


And there is continuing need for clothes/blankets, etc….
If you missed the above drives but have clothes/blankets/toys, to donate, a Grade 2 student is collecting second-hand clothes for babies and toddlers for the charity RUN. RUN serves the refugees here in HK (many families have fled terrible circumstances; there are a number of young adult child soldiers, even). If you have good-quality used clothes (any style for either gender is fine!) for ages 0 – 4, please do kindly consider to deliver them to Elijah Mulcahy (2A) who will collect and deliver these to RUN.