Used Uniform Sale: 2 March 2018

The Upper School Student Council will be holding a used uniform sale on Friday, March 2nd from 8am – 2pm at the 9th floor entrance for the CNY Flower Fair. Each piece of uniform is $20. Make sure to stop by on your way to the Fair!

As a reminder of the changes to the school uniform,CDNIS will start a transition to some new components of the uniform from April 2018. Please remember these changes shall be introduced in April 2018. There will be a transition period until June 2019, during which the students can wear both old and new uniform. From August 2019, only new uniform should be worn.

Expected changes:
– The striped shirt/dress will be discontinued for all ages
– PE tops will remain unchanged for the time being. The school may consider different fabric with a different screen-printing process, but it will be the same design and, as such, there is no need for new uniforms to be purchased
– PE pants will be a slimmer design, but still black, so no problem to keep wearing the old style
– The white G3-G6 tops will remain white! The use of white tops shall expand, so that all grades from Prep to Grade 6 shall wear these
– Khaki items will stay and, like the PE bottoms, the design and material will be slightly altered, but students can still wear the old ones, as the colour is the same.

In the spirit of recycling and re-using, CISPA/USSC shall continue to collect used uniform items that will no longer be part of CDNIS uniform. If you have old uniforms to donate (both for re-sale and recycling/re-using), please leave them at the security desk on 9/F. For any discontinued uniforms, we shall arrange to remove CDNIS logos and labels and donate these items to a local HK school, or neighbouring provinces in China. If you know of any school that may benefit from such donation, or would like more details on this programme, please contact Clare Arnold.