CISPA Outreach Supports The Young Masters Gavel Club

The CDNIS Young Masters Gavel Club encourages debate and public speaking amongst students by bringing clubs together to debate issues. In January, the Gavel Club hosted a two-day speech competition in the Alan Dick Forum. Nine of the Global Issues Network (GIN) clubs participated and had three minutes to present about their respective causes. The judges for the competition were members of the teaching staff and a CISPA Outreach representative. CISPA Outreach sponsored three prizes for the competition at a total of $3,000, and the winners were awarded money to donate to the respective GIN Club’s charity.

This year’s competition winners were as follows: 1st Place award of $1,100 went to Mana Mehta of the Reading Tree, 2nd Place award of $1,000 went to Pak San Fung of the E-Club and the 3rd Place award of $900 went to Jesse Wang of the Respect Club. Congratulations to the winners!!!

The Young Masters Gavel Club was founded five years ago and is comprised mainly of Grade 12 students. They are currently developing and implementing strategies to grow the club and to recruit younger students.

CISPA Outreach is delighted to see The Gavel Club grow, and we are pleased to support this initiative.

If you have a CDNIS community initiative that is in need of financial support, contact us. CISPA Outreach is proud to support positive CDNIS community initiatives that seek to make a difference. And if you would like to join the CISPA Outreach Committee, get in touch! Contact Amy Ng ( or Clare Arnold ( to learn more.