Grade 6 PYPX: The Impact of Social Media

CISPA Outreach supports the Grade 6 PYPX with mentoring, financial assistance and spreading awareness!

One group of 4 students from Grade 6 are looking into the impact of social media for children and teens in HK. For their PYPX creative solution, they are making a digital detox kit. In the kit, there are items that can take your mind off social media.

They have developed the attached QR code as part of their project. Please take a moment to scan it. This will take you to a document where you can read what they have selected to put in their digital detox kit. The students ask that you please try this or your own digital detox kit to get your mind off social media!!

Good Luck to all the G6 students as they get ready to show for Exhibition on 26 and 27 April 2018