Let’s Celebrate our Student and Coach sporting achievements

There is lots coming up on the CDNIS Sports scene

If any parent would like to nominate a coach for Coach of the year or if they would like to let the school know of their (or other) CDNIS students who have represented Hong Kong, the Sports department would love to hear from you! Please contact Jameslovegrove@cdnis.edu.hk

In case you missed this week’s Flash, here is a recap of what’s coming up:

Timberwolves Athletic Awards
All athletes who played on a TWolves team this year should attend the Athletic Awards on Friday, May 18, in the large gym. The Lower School Awards are from 2:30pm-4pm. The Upper School Awards Cocktail Hour is from 5pm-6pm with the Athletic Awards from 6pm-8pm. Parents are welcome to join our celebrations, please book your seat here. All details can be viewed on the TWolves website.

Coach of the Year – Nominations Open
Coach of the Year nominations are now open. We encourage parents to nominate a coach who has made a difference to a team/athlete; use this form to nominate an outstanding coach. This award doesn’t have to go to the most successful coach, it goes to the coach who has made the biggest impact in terms of participation/enjoyment/success of team(s) in the Timberwolves programme.

Celebrating Athlete’s Elite Achievements – opportunity to nominate
Parents are encouraged to nominate any CDNIS student for this award using this nomination form. The purpose of this award is to recognise achievement at an elite level for a CDNIS athlete (grade 6-12) who participates in a sport either within or outside of the CDNIS Athletics Programme. Elite Level should mean national representation (HK or other).