New Board of CISPA from June 7, 2018

CISPA Board of Directors

CISPA is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for the 2018/2019 academic year.

Clare Arnold, Elisabet Helander, Christy Hong, Pinky Lau, Kelly Ma, Simone Matrundola, Christina Matula-Häkli, Amy Ng, Timothy Ng, Anita Shum, Catherine Wan Cohen, Debbie Waugh, and Vanessa Ying Yu-Liang.


The CISPA Committees will be led by the following persons:


Co-Chairs: Debbie Waugh, Christina Matula-Häkli

Secretary: Catherine Wan Cohen

Treasurer: Simone Matrundola

Welcome & Community Building: Anita Shum, Kelly Ma, Pinky Lau, Christy Hong, Tim Ng

Family Fun Fair: Catherine Wan Cohen, Vanessa Ying Yu-Liang

CNY Flower Fair: Kelly Ma, Pinky Lau, Christy Hong, Tim Ng

Literacy: Kelly Ma, Pinky Lau, Christy Hong, Tim Ng

Arts: Debbie Waugh, Elisabet Helander

Outreach: Clare Arnold, Amy Ng, Simone Matrundola

Social & Environmental Sustainability: Clare Arnold

Staff Appreciation: Anita Shum, Kelly Ma

Communication: Christina Matula-Häkli, Clare Arnold, Elisabet Helander


If you have a passion for any of these committees and have some time to spare, please consider volunteering with us. Contact for more information.

The new board looks forward to continuing the work of the current board and serving the CDNIS community.