CISPA Refugee Walk

The walk and lunch on Saturday 2 June was hugely rewarding for everyone who joined. We had 13 adults and 11 children, from G3 to G7. The students asked lots of interesting questions. We got to see subdivided flats, listen to Refugee children’s stories and hear how much churches and mosques help these communities. Last but the least lunch was delicious and eating at the refugee center at the end of the visit made it an even more special and meaningful experience.

Everyone was impacted and moved by the stories of these families and the reality that some of them live on just $40 per day per family. The generosity of attendees meant that $3000 was collected and donated to Christian Action at the end of the event. Thank you to everyone who came along and donated so generously!

Feedback is that this event is suitable for ages + 6 years, and we are already being asked to plan more of the same in 2018/19. Watch this space.

Meanwhile, during the course of the morning, we learnt that 2 refugees children have been accepted to an international school in Hong Kong for 2018/19. These students ideally need a MacBook each for when they start school. If you have any old MacBooks that you no longer need or use and would be willing to donate to these students, please contact CISPA Outreach.