Info sessions for CDNIS parents

The school is offering a number of information sessions for CDNIS parents this month:

Coffee Morning: Talking Digital Citizenship with the Vice Principals 

Join DJ MacPherson and Barb Dacho for a Parent Coffee Morning from 8am-9am in the LLAC Lobby on Wednesday, November 7 to discuss how CDNIS is addressing the very important issue of digital citizenship and what you can do at home to ensure your children’s digital experiences are positive and constructive.

Morning Workshop: Helping Students Manage Grade 7 Homework 

October Break is over and homework is beginning! Join Susie Heinrich to find out how students should be using their planners, effective homework strategies and how you might be able to help while maintaining a positive relationship. This session takes place on Wednesday, November 14 from 8am-9am in the LLAC Lobby. Please RSVP at this link if you will be joining.

Evening Workshop: Recognizing Signs of Stress in Kids, Teens and Ourselves

The LS-US Guidance Team is excited to offer an early evening Parent Workshop, “Recognizing Signs of Stress in Kids, Teens and Ourselves: Identification and Assistance” on Tuesday November 20 from 6pm-7:30pm in the LLAC lobby. All parents welcomed. Registration is required, please sign up here.

Coffee Morning: MAP Outcomes and Supporting Differentiation in LS

The LS Coffee Morning on Wednesday, November 21 will be led by Dr. Helen Kelly, Lower School Principal, Natalie Ross, Learning Coach and Bonnie Calanchinni, Learning Leader for Inclusion. They will be talking about how the Lower School uses MAP and other data to support differentiation in the classroom. Please RSVP here by Friday, November 16.

If you have any questions about these events, contact CDNIS for more details.

Please remember to wear to wear your blue parent lanyard when visiting the CDNIS campus.