Join the CISPA Board of Directors

CISPA  is a busy, hands-on organisation that welcomes people with energy, commitment and a can-do attitude! 

What does a CISPA Director do?

1. Chair a Committee. Directors are responsible for the activities and/or events of the Committee, and ensure they are delivered in an organised and timely manner. Work on a Committee might entail a few hours every week, such as for Communications, or a significant time contribution leading up to a major event, such as Lit Blitz, the Family Fun Fair, or the Chinese New Year Fair. See our Committee Page for more details. Please note that the decision as to who leads any given Committee is made internally among incoming Directors.

2. Attend and participate in monthly board meetings. The CISPA Board of Directors meets monthly when school is in session to discuss CISPA activities and events. From time to time, the Head of School, Principals and/or various members of staff join CISPA meetings to discuss school matters or other related business.

3. Support CISPA-led events. Directors attend and support major CISPA-led initiatives such as the Family Fun Fair, Chinese New Year Fair, and Staff Appreciation events.

4. Represent CISPA at CDNIS events. Directors are often invited to attend and represent CISPA at school events, including New Parent Welcome Events, Curriculum Nights, and Open Houses. These tasks are typically shared, so not all Directors have to attend all school events.

Being a Director on CISPA is great role for those with a sincere desire to build community, contribute to school life, and work as team with other like-minded CDNIS parents.

How to Apply

It is recommended that Nominees to the Board of Directors have at least one year experience serving as a volunteer on a CISPA Committee or as a Class Parent. Parents who have not done so are still welcome to apply.

  1. Download the CISPA-Director-Nomination-Form-2019-2020
  2. You will need one parent to propose you and another to second you. They will both be required to sign your Form.
  3. Please be sure to take a moment to fill in Section C of the Form. (If there are more than 15 people interested in being on the CISPA Board, then there will be an election. Section C will serve as your credentials and personal statement – this is what gets posted for parents to read and learn about you when deciding who to vote for. If there are only 15 applicants or less, applicants are automatically appointed.)
  4. The deadline for submission is February 21, 2019. Drop your completed form in the CISPA drop box in the 9/F office or email it to

If you have any questions about the CISPA nomination process, please contact

We look forward to receiving your application!