School Lunches & Cafeteria

CDNIS has two cafeterias located on the 6/F and 12/F respectively, serving hot meals as well as a variety of sandwiches, salads, snacks, and drinks. The 6/F Maple Café offers quality coffee, assorted sandwiches, healthy foods and beverages. Staff, parents and visitors are welcome to use the food services.

Cafeteria 6/F and 12/F Operating Hours
Breakfast: 7am-9am
Lunch: 10:55am-1:30pm
Snacks available until 4pm

Maple Café 6/F Operating Hours
Monday – Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday: 7am-12pm

School Lunches (Prep to G12)

Lunch Times*
Gr. 3-4Prep,
Gr. 1
Gr. 7-8
Gr. 5-6
Gr. 2Gr.

*All students have an additional half hour of free time after their scheduled lunchtime.

Starting from the 2015-16 school year, Maxim’s will be our catering service provider to operate the 6/F and 12/F cafeterias.

Students in Prep to Grade 6 can order lunch through the Online Ordering System.

Students in Grade 7 to Grade 12 will no longer need to pre-order through the Online Ordering System. Instead, they can purchase their lunches at the cafeterias on a daily basis. Cash and Octopus are welcome for payment.

Maxim’s will introduce some new menu items and special stations to change the overall offerings available at the School. Food offerings include but not limited to hot set meals, Chef’s station menu, pre-made grab-to-go sandwiches, salad bar / pre-made grab-to-go salad boxes and rotating Maxim’s specials. Specialty sandwiches, a selection of pastries, whole fruit and fruit cups and hot soup will be served at the Maple Café.

Many students bring lunch from home. There are several microwave ovens available in each cafeteria. Beverages are also available from vending machines or by payment at the cashier. Some vending machines accept only Octopus cards.  Drinking water is provided throughout the school. Please send water bottles to reduce the number of paper cups used and to ensure your child is hydrated during warm weather.

Manager: Alex

Phone: 2240 6052 or 2240 6053 or 5982 6046


For online ordering technical support, please email: