The CISPA Beat is CISPA’s newsletter that the school will email to parents at the end of each month to keep parents updated on CISPA news.


CISPA newsletters:


September 2017

Dear Parents,

Welcome to new CDNIS parents and welcome back to those who are returning! We hope you enjoyed a good summer break.

The Canadian International School Parent Association (CISPA) supports the School and our community of children and parents. We organise a number of events and regular activities to fulfil our mission.

You are now reading the year’s first edition of the Beat, CISPA’s newsletter, which will be sent to all parents monthly. We highlight below some of our upcoming activities. We look forward to maybe meet you at the Parents’ Drinks, on the 7th of September, or at other events.

You can follow us at and also join the CISPA Parent’s Pin Board on Facebook.


Sébastien Evrard
Executive Chair


Our Main Events In September


Parents’ drinks night

We would enjoy meeting you on Thursday, 7 Sept from 6:30pm at Oolaa in Soho

Lit Blitz

The Lit Blitz is hosted by the Literacy Committee and runs from 11 to 29 Sept. The Lit Blitz aims to encourage lower school students’ interest and excitement around books. This year’s theme is Diversity, Unity, Community.

Key activities include:

International Library Day             12 Sept

Volunteers from over 25 different countries will showcase their books, authors, and beloved characters.

Book Fair                                     18-22 Sept

A chance for students to peruse and buy some books for home

Pancake and Pyjama Day         27 Sept

Students are encouraged to come to school in their PJs. Pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup will be       served at lunch.

Scholastic Book Club: A new exciting book club will be launched for students.



Regular Events and Activities


Meditation classes

Try the open meditation for parents in a relaxed setting at school every Friday at 8:15am

The annual Peak Walk

Chat with fellow parents on a walk starting from Pacific Coffee on The Peak on Wednesday 6 Sept at 9:30am

Parents’ Book Club

Join the book club, where the film and book “Hidden Figures” (Margot Lee Shetterly) will be discussed on Thursday 7 Sept at 10:30am

CISPA Hiking

The Hiking Group kicks off the season on the Hong Kong Trail, Section 1 and 2, on Monday 11 Sept at 8.30am





CISPA Parent’s Pin Board

Join our Facebook page, a wonderful forum to keep abreast of what is happening and ask questions! Look out for the question that you will be sent automatically when you ask to join.


Student Art Renewal Project

CISPA’s Art Committee is working with the Visual Arts Department to update, preserve and organize all the student artwork throughout the school. Please email CISPA if you would like to get involved in this fun project.


Second Hand Uniform

Thank you for supporting the 2nd Hand uniform sales in August. Further sales in September and October are detailed on the website. If you have 2nd hand uniform to donate, please pass them to the Security Desk at the 9/F Lobby, who will pass them along to CISPA.



We can help fund initiatives led by students and teachers that have a charitable and service oriented purpose, or an environmentally conscious element. Outreach Committee’s first meeting, date to be arranged and emailed to those who have indicated an interest. Please email Amy Ng if you would like to join!


Call for Volunteers

The success of CISPA events relies on parent volunteers, so please do get involved. Please email CISPA if you would like to be added to our volunteer list, and let us know if there are any areas that are of particular interest to you.


Composition of the Board for 2017-18


Chair                                                                             Sébastien Evrard

Co-Chair                                                                      Raj Tesinghani

Secretary                                                                     Sabrina Maguire

Treasurer                                                                    Clare Arnold

Welcome & Community Liaison                            Lucia del Vita, Raj Tesinghani

Family Fun Fair                                                         Sabrina Maguire, Anita Shum, Grady Lam

Chinese Studies / CNY Fair                                    Amy Ng, Anita Shum

Literacy                                                                       Christina Matula-Häkli, Catherine Wan Cohen

Arts                                                                              Debbie Waugh, Catherine Wan Cohen

Outreach Initiatives Advisory                                Amy Ng, Clare Arnold, Grady Lam

Staff Appreciation                                                    Catherine Wan Cohen, Joey Wei, Christina Matula-Häkli

Communications                                                      Elisabet Helander

IT                                                                                 Joey Wei, Raj Tesinghani



Looking ahead


Family Fun Fair – taste the favourites from all parts of the world at the international food festival, and let the kids enjoy games and fun activities. A Recycled Reading stall will be part of the Family Fun Fair. It is a great chance to buy new and used books to refresh your shelves. To help you clear away your used books to make way for new ones, a book drive to collect used books will run in Oct/Nov.

Annual Christmas Tree Trimming – save the date to come and decorate the CDNIS Christmas Tree on the 9/F Lobby. This will take place on the morning of Saturday 2 December. Watch this space for more details.