Outreach Initiatives Application


CISPA Outreach Funding are open to all CDNIS students, parents and teachers. These groups can also work together for the same initiative. Please read the following information and instructions carefully to ensure your submission is more likely to be approved by the Outreach Committee.


Applications for funding must be received six (6) weeks prior to project implementation. Applications for funding must be submitted to the CISPA Outreach Initiatives Advisory Committee by the 20th of each month. Decisions will be made by the next committee meeting. Once approved, interim and final report submissions are expected through the CISPA website.


The Outreach Committee is open to funding initiatives for school projects such as LEAP or PYP Exhibitions, or for initiatives that fall outside school activities. Initiatives must be specific and benefit communities (ex. refugees, homeless, under-served groups), increase awareness (ex. impact of plastics, housing inequities, etc), and/or address a specific need (ex. beach clean up, blanket drive for disaster-hit region, etc).

Funding can be used to purchase supplies (ex. personal hygiene items, school supplies, blankets, etc.) and/or services (ex. transportation, postage/shipment, printing). If the initiative requires the purchase of supplies prior to an action, the Outreach Committee requires list of the supplies and their cost to be detailed in the application form.

CISPA will not provide funds for an outright donation. However, CISPA may provide matching funds where the initiative itself involved raising funds for a cause. Where a direct funding request is made, CISPA requires previous execution of the initiative to have a clear understanding of the action taken, fund raised, and the efficacious use of funds. This type of funding arrangement will be made on a case-by-case basis.

Funding will not be approved where it could create legal liabilities for the participants or CISPA.


Applicants may be requested to make presentation to the Committee at its monthly meeting on the first Tuesday of each month. Alternately, Applicants may be asked questions by Committee members about the details of their initiative via email, phone or in a meeting. Applicants should be prepared for either of these possibilities.


If approved, Applicants will be required to submit a final report at the conclusion of their initiative so that the Outreach Committee may evaluate how the funds were used. Applicants should consider how to measure the efficacy of their initiative, and are encouraged to document the process, where possible (take lots of photos/videos!).

Information from the report may be shared in abridged form, via CISPA communication channels.


The OUTREACH INITIATIVES APPLICATION FORM is designed to provide Applicants with ample opportunity to fully describe their initiative. The more detail the better! CISPA is looking for initiatives that have a specific focus and are well thought out, with clear evidence of planning, risk management, and a step-wise approach to delivery.

Some applications may still in the planning stages with fewer details available to present to the Outreach Committee. If that is so, please reach out to the Committee to screen your ideas and provide guidance and feedback on how to make your initiative more viable. Our goal is also to provide mentorship to applicants to make their initiatives a reality.

The more organized the initiative, the more CISPA can help with funding, raising awareness before and during the project, and celebrating your efforts afterwards.


If at any time during the application process you wish to contact the Outreach Committee with questions or for guidance, please reach out us. We are here to help!