Introducing CISPA

CISPA – Working together to enrich the CDNIS experience

Welcome to CISPA, the Canadian International School Parents’ Association. Powered solely by parents who volunteer their time and expertise, CISPA members work throughout the year to enrich the CDNIS experience.

As a volunteer-run organization, you are welcomed and encouraged to become an active participant in the organisation, as CISPA relies on parents to organize programmes and events, and introduce fresh ideas.

CISPA offers a wide variety of social and educational opportunities for the CDNIS community and provides a wealth of resources for parents. We also support the educational and social aims of the school, working directly with the administration, teachers and students. For a summary of our activities, please see the section on Committees and Activities.

Our events and activities are publicized through The CISPA Beat, which is emailed to parents weekly and posted on CISPA’s website,  A downloadable version of the entire Handbook is also available on the CISPA website. To volunteer or to learn more, simply send an email to

On behalf of your Board of Directors, I look forward to welcoming you to the CDNIS 2016-2017 school year.

Sébastien Evrard and Mariette Rinck
CISPA Chair and Co-Chair

CISPA 2016/17 Board of Directors
Chair – Sébastien Evrard
Co-Chair– Mariette Rinck
Secretary – Sabrina Maguire
Treasurer – Michael Knappstein
Communications/IT – Douglas Mulcock
Chinese Studies/CNY Fair – Amy Ng, Christina Matula-Häkli, and Michael Knappstein
Family Fun Fair – Mariette Rinck
Literacy – Christina Matula-Häkli
Maths – Anand Prakash
Outreach Initiatives Advisory – Amy Ng
Staff Appreciation – Justine Magni and Douglas Mulcock
Welcome & Community Liaison – Lucia del Vita and Sabrina Maguire
Environment – Anand Prakash
Arts – Debbie Waugh
Finance – Michael Knappstein

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Website –
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To volunteer, please email