Welcome Back


Welcome back! Did summer just fly by? Back to school is soon upon us, as will be back to getting up far too early in the mornings ? Upper School starts 11 August and Lower School on 15 August, so get those backpacks ready.

New Website!
To prepare for the new year, and making sure you have the handiest of info right at your fingertips, CISPA has undertaken an overhaul of the CISPA website. Hopefully it looks cleaner, fresher, more modern and it is now mobile-friendly at last! Less bloat, bigger shiny images.

Google Calendar
We’ve added a Google Calendar that you can subscribe to, and we’ll be testing how that works. It’ll be a place for CISPA to put important event dates like Family Fun Fair, Community events liking hiking and trips to Shenzhen, and Board Meetings. The calendar is public so you should be able to subscribe. The Calendar ID is: cispacalendarevents@gmail.com and this link should (hopefully) help in adding the CISPA calendar to your calendar.

FeedBurner Emails
We’ve added a FeedBurner subscription. FeedBurner is not the most elegant solution to any problem, but it will deliver emails with CISPA website content for those that desire it. However, you can’t sign up with your school parent email address, as the school parent email address blocks FeedBurner. Use your personal email address instead.

CISPA Parent PinBoard Facebook Group
The CISPA Parent PinBoard Facebook Group is where CDNIS parents and guardians can keep up-to-date with the latest, and can share and post information, can interact online with other parents and guardians, can sell (and buy) personal items. It’s an invaluable part of the community. But it is a closed group, you need to click join, and after you have done so, the moderators will contact you to confirm you are a current CDNIS parent or guardian.

How do the moderators confirm you are a member of the CDNIS? You will receive a Facebook message from the mods, asking you to send an email from your school email account. We’ll also have a guess at what your school email account might be from your first name last name on Facebook and we’ll send an email to that address in the hopes that it is correct. Only when we get a reply from a school email account will someone be added to the group, so if you have clicked to join the group, keep an eye on your FB messages and emails. Better yet, simply send an email to cispa@cispa.hk from your school email account letting us know you’ve applied already.