For New Parents and Old Parents – The Peak Walk, 22 August

Join Lucia  and the Welcome Committee for a leisurely walk around Victoria Peak – it’s a wonderful opportunity for new parents to meet old parents, and for old parents to meet new ones!, and take in the views from the top.

Where to meet: Starbucks on the Peak
When to meet: 10:00am, Monday 22 August

This is the start of a long series of CISPA hikes, though this one is more of a walk than a hike, the difficulty level is zero, the incline is flat, the path is paved, and dogs are welcome. The walk is about an hour long, and after the walk we’ll be going having an informal lunch in a restaurant at the Peak, at roughly 12pm. If you are not into walking, feel free to join just for the lunch part!

RSVP to Lucia del Vita or just show up ad hoc.

Lovely people from a previous year’s Peak Walk!