When Day Turns To Night

What lovely weather we’re having!

There’s never a bad time to remind everyone of the schools weather policy, especially given the recent Red Rain and the all schools cancelled advisory from the Education Bureau.

How to know whether you need to get everyone awake and ready for school or whether you can go back to sleep instead? The school will alert everyone ASAP via the CDNIS app > Urgent (download on iOS and Android) or on the main page of the website.

You can familiarize yourself with the school’s weather policy  here, or refer to this handy chart:

And lastly, we’ll do our best to put any weather alert information on the CISPA Parents PinBoard Facebook group – check the footer below for detail on how to join the group and connect with other CDNIS parents.

And if school is cancelled and you have kids at home bored with nothing to do? Good luck with that!