FOR SALE: LAOS SCARVES to support the Seuang River Valley region of Laos

One of the initiatives that Outreach has assisted in previous years, is towards the Experience Week programme in the Seuang River Valley region of Laos.

In addition to Outreach’s contribution, the students purchase scarves directly from weavers of the villages in Laos, to sell within the CDNIS community. The funds generated through this initiative are invested back in to the community.

Examples of where these funds have been given in the past include purchasing rice for families that had experienced a poor harvest, purchasing necessary supplies for new weavers to help them get started and purchasing school resources (Lao language test booklets/mathematic test booklets, and some sports equipment).

Looking to 2017/18, one of the local village schools has a new classroom (courtesy of the local government, and an NGO). However, they have no electricity supply. While the villagers have raised some of the required funds, they need a further USD800 in order to meet their goal. It is anticipated that the students plan to use some of the proceeds from last year’s scarve sale for this project; they shall also once again purchase scarves this year, increasing the amount purchased.

The scarves shall be available to purchase at the Family Fun Fair and other events.

The more scarves that are sold, the more funds are available to provide a greater level of sustained support.

Please look out for sale details in due course.

Photos: Courtesy of Saeed Rahman