Outreach Committee Shows Passion through Action


Throughout the course of the 2017-2018 academic year, the CISPA Outreach Committee provided support to multiple charities and initiatives. The Committee has experienced a year of growth in initiatives and development of ideas to expand its reach and impact amongst …

Lunch was served (with thanks to Lucia!)


And with a flourish and in a style that befits our wonderful Lucia, we closed off a great school year and said Thank You very much to Lucia for all her time and effort on the CISPA Board these past …

CISPA Refugee Walk


The walk and lunch on Saturday 2 June was hugely rewarding for everyone who joined. We had 13 adults and 11 children, from G3 to G7. The students asked lots of interesting questions. We got to see subdivided flats, listen …

1200 Items of Used Uniforms sold this year


And that number excludes the used uniforms sold by USSC at the FFF and CNY Fair!

The proceeds of sale shall be donated towards the school’s renovation of the parent/guardian waiting area + art area behind the Maple Leaf Cafe.…

A Final Show of Appreciation for the Staff of 2017/18


The CISPA Staff Appreciation team surpassed themselves with a show of Thanks and Appreciation for the Staff of 2017/18.

Thank you to everyone in our community for a wonderful year. We are 7 sleeps away from summer break……

G6 are calling for water bottles


A fabulous initiative by 2 G6 students on the back of their PYPX interaction with ImpactHK.

Currently the call is out to G5 and G6 students/families. If the drive goes wider, we will update you!

(Of course if you have …