Outreach Committee Shows Passion through Action

Throughout the course of the 2017-2018 academic year, the CISPA Outreach Committee provided support to multiple charities and initiatives. The Committee has experienced a year of growth in initiatives and development of ideas to expand its reach and impact amongst the CDNIS and the greater Hong Kong community.

One of the goals of Outreach this year was to increase awareness and expan d reach. The Committee itself saw an increased number of members, a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated group of CDNIS parents and staff. Outreach also saw new applications and built upon existing initiatives. More parents, students and staff gave their time and donations to charitable events through Outreach-led initiatives. Over $37,000 was given to support a variety of Outreach applications.

A number of Outreach Committee initiatives were highlighted to the CDNIS community throughout the year including:

Cooking For A Cause: An Upper School Club that continues to grow and provides meals to refugees multiple times throughout the school year. CDNIS students plan, purchase and cook meals for refugees.

RESPECT: The Refugee Educational Support Program whereby Upper School students tutor refugees in math, reading and writing. The CDNIS students have also expanded their support to include the provision of personal hygiene and sanitary products, as well as mindfulness sessions to help the refugees cope with stress and help manage their well-being.

Box of Hope: A charity project aimed at providing useful / educational gifts to underprivileged children in Hong Kong and Asia donated by Hong Kong school children and local organizations. Every Grade 5 and Grade 6 student made at least one box as part of a teacher-led initiative, in addition to boxes donated by the CDNIS community as a whole.

Impact HK: A group of students and parents walked together and distributed food to homeless people in Hong Kong.

RUN HK: The CISPA Hiking Group participated in a sponsored 50km hike to raise awareness of the plight of refugees in HK and to raise money for RUN. RUN is a charity that supports vulnerable refugees that have experienced significant trauma.

YoungLives: This charity supports teen moms and their children in the form of mentoring, running the YoungLives club and the YoungLives camp. The Outreach Committee held a toy drive and provided donations to support the YoungLives camp.

The Youngmasters Gavel Club: Through a student-led speech competition,  three chosen charities were given funds to support their causes.

Good Deeds Day: Distributing collected hospital materials from HK to local hospitals in Dili, East Timor.

Grade 6 PYP Exhibition: Outreach provided funding to projects about poverty, subdivided flats, stress and mental health, elderly needs, refugee support, clean air and environmental initiatives, and support for the homeless.

There are already many new projects and initiatives in the pipeline for the Outreach Committee to explore and expand next year. The preparation and donation of decommissioned CDNIS uniforms is one such project.

The goals for the CISPA Outreach Committee next year include continuing to work with the school, students and community, increase Outreach awareness and profile, increase the number of applications, seek initiatives that encourage all grade levels to get involved, and utilize expertise and experience to grow and expand.

Thank you to each and every one of you who contributed to the CISPA Outreach Committee or any of its initiatives. You have helped make a difference in our community and beyond. Thank you for stepping up and taking action! New members are always welcome. Join us! Email: clare.arnold@cispa.hk