Meet the 2018-2019 CISPA Board

CISPA is pleased to present its Board of Directors for the 2018/2019 academic year. All members of Board look forward to continuing CISPA’s work of  serving the CDNIS community.


Co-Chairs – Debbie Waugh and Christina Matula-Häkli
Secretary – Catherine Wan Cohen
Treasurer – Simone Matrundola


Welcome & Community – Anita Shum, Kelly Ma, Pinky Lau, Christy Hong, and Tim Ng
Family Fun Fair – Catherine Wan Cohen, Vanessa Ying Yu-Liang
Chinese New Year Fair – Kelly Ma, Pinky Lau, Christy Hong, Tim Ng.
Literacy – Kelly Ma, Pinky Lau, Christy Hong, Tim Ng, Christina Matula-Häkli
Arts – Debbie Waugh, Elisabet Helander
Outreach Initiatives Advisory – Simone Matrundola, Amy Ng.
Staff Appreciation – Anita Shum, Kelly Ma.
Communications – Rachel Middagh
Social & Environmental Sustainability – Elisabet Helander

If you have a passion for any of these committees and have some time to spare, please consider volunteering with us. Contact for more information.