Projects supported by the Outreach Committee 1

The Outreach Committee supports projects that have a service, charitable or environmentally conscious element. The initiative can be student, staff or parent led. Outreach offers funds to projects, as well as mentorship, advice, support and guidance and/or manpower. Here are three projects we have supported recently:

  • The CISPA Outreach Initiatives Committee congratulates the Upper School Club, Habitat For Humanity, for successfully receiving funding from Outreach for their build trip to Rayong.
  • We were also happy to have helped fund a Parent-Led initiative. A family in our community took the time to manually remove all the logos from the old pinstriped uniforms to send to needy schools in the Philippines.
  • In a Student-Led initiative, three CDNIS students received support from Outreach to help transport unwanted water bottles to Impact HK. The students washed, labelled and delivered nearly 200 unclaimed water bottles from CDNIS. The bottles were in turn filled and handed out to homeless individuals on the charities’ nightly Kindness Walks.  

Does your child or family have a charitable project that would benefit from Outreach’s support and expertise? The application form can be found here. All applications will be considered by the Outreach Committee. If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, please reach out to us.

Everyone is welcome to attend our next meeting.

When: Wednesday, October 10, 2018 starting at 8am
Where: Library Meeting Room

Please contact for more information about the Outreach Committee, or to join us!