A heartfelt THANK YOU from CISPA

The CISPA Wild West Family Fun Fair was a wonderful celebration of the CDNIS community. There were a countless number of parents and staff who pitched in to help make the day spectacular.

We had over 100 students showcasing their talents in amazing Western themed entertainment. To name a few, LS and US Dance Troupe, LS Strings and LS Intermediate Band, US Main Production, Ukulele Group, Twinkle Dance and the Kung Fu Group who spent hours rehearsing their performances. Special thanks also to Gregg Lee our talented resident DJ who kept us entertained in rain, Steve Doleman being an endless runner and Stanley Ma, Julie Cook, and Hong Yi for making sure all the Forum performances ran smoothly.

Parent volunteers spending days if not weeks preparing delicious food for the Country Tables; Italy, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Australia, Sweden, Japan, Israel and Korea.

All the teachers who volunteered at the games, craft tables and the front reception table. All the Senior Administration staff who volunteered to be jailbirds.

All the US clubs who spent hours writing proposals for their booths, the Interact Club who helped operate the 3F Indoor Games, Prom Committee in charge of Vintage Sales and US Photography Club’s roaming photographers.

Finally, last but not least, William and Kelvin and all the Facilities team who worked effortlessly and patiently to accommodate all our technical requests.

Hats off and a big heartfelt THANK YOU to all our volunteers!!!

2018 Family Fun Fair Committee