Projects Supported by the Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee supports projects that have a service, charitable or environmentally conscious element. The initiative can be student, staff or parent led. Outreach offers funds to projects, as well as mentorship, advice, support and guidance and/or manpower. Here are projects we have supported recently:

  • Cooking for a Cause Upper School Club will be hosting a FFF booth selling smoothies.  Profits will be used to fund ingredients for eight cookouts they do during the year for refugees on behalf of Christian Action. CISPA Outreach has funded some of the cost of the ingredients for the smoothies and cookouts.
  • A number of Upper School students attended the Nepal Experience Week last week.  They plan to hold a stall at the FFF to sell textiles they’ve purchased in Nepal and donate the profits to the Child Welfare Scheme to help schools in Nepal. CISPA Outreach has funded some of the cost of the textiles.
  • The CDNIS UNICEF US Club will be hosting a stall selling loaded nachos. Profits will go towards CDNIS UNICEF events such as funding a poverty simulation.  CISPA Outreach has funded some of the cost of the nachos ingredients.
  • CISPA Outreach will be working with the Lower School Maker teachers on ideas of how to use the decommissioned uniforms. Uniforms can be donated to CISPA in 9/F foyer.

Learn about more projects the CISPA Outreach Committee has funded.

Does your child or family have a charitable project that would benefit from Outreach’s support and expertise? The application form can be found here. All applications will be considered by the Outreach Committee. If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, please reach out to us.

Check out the Chill Zone at the FFF Wild West Fun Fest! It is a parent-led charitable project to raise funds for Lombok, Indonesia.