Grade 5 Charity Challenge with CISPA Outreach

The CISPA Outreach Committee was proud to support the Grade 5 Charity Challenge, an exciting persuasive public-speaking competition that saw the top teams earn funds for charitable causes.

Photos of the Charity Challenge are posted on the CISPA Facebook page.

What it’s all about

The Grade 5 Charity Challenge was an Outreach initiative led by CDNIS parents Liyen Chow and Deepti Malek. The Challenge tied in with the curriculum being taught to the students and their unit of inquiry. The objective was to build student awareness, compassion and understanding about the not so privileged and how with a bit of effort and time they can make a change.

All the classes were introduced to Two Presents and the 35 charities it works with. Each class was then allocated 7 charities (of the 35) that the students had to research.

Intra-Class and Inter-Class Competitions

The initiative was divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1Research and Intra-class competition – 7 teams were formed within each of the five classes to research and pitch their allocated charity to their class mates. The peers then voted 1 team as a winner to compete in the grand inter-class competition.

Phase 2Feedback and polishing – Each of the 5 winning teams were given feedback on their pitches from a panel of experts on their content, better ways of pitching and overall group work.

Phase 3 Final Inter-class competition – Held on November 27 in the LLAC auditorium. All the grade 5s and some grade 4 students were in the audience. Each audience member carried with them a ticket (valued at HKD 20) that they decided which team/charity to donate to after hearing the pitches from each of the 5 teams.

How CISPA Outreach was involved

The Outreach team partnered with the Grade 5 teachers from the very onset of the project to help define its scope including the format, the timelines, the training, co-ordination with the external judges and finally running the whole show during the finals.

During Phase 1, five short presentations were given to every class on “How to make a pitch” including ways to talk, setting the right posture, audience engagement and anecdotes on making the pitch impactful. Phase 2 included the Outreach team reaching out to external specialists (Young Founders and the CDNIS debate club) and bringing them in to hear the different pitches and giving meaningful feedback and areas of improvement. In Phase 3 the Outreach team emceed the final event, running the day’s proceedings and also co-ordinating the with panel of judges (HandsOnHK and the CDNIS debate club)

CISPA Outreach matched the donations contributed by the students to each of the five charities. A total of HKD 9,600 was collected for the following 5 charities:

  1. Box of Hope
  2. Hong Kong Dog Rescue
  3. Hong Kong Cancer Fund
  4. Women Helping Women HK
  5. Christina Noble Children’s Foundation

Please contact for more information about the Outreach Committee, or to join us.