CDNIS Info Sessions for Parents

An active list of info sessions for CDNIS parents. CISPA will add further parent events here, so please refer back. If you have any questions about these events, contact CDNIS for more details. All events originally listed in The Flash newsletter.

Please remember to wear your blue parent lanyard when visiting the CDNIS campus.

March 20, MYP Parent Information Session

Please join the senior admin team for coffee on Wednesday, March 20 from 7:45am-9am in the LLAC lobby. They will be giving a presentation about the changes to the programme for Grades 6 to 8, due to take place in August 2020. This is a repeat of the presentations given in January. It is open to all LS parents, particularly those unable to attend previous sessions. To sign up, please click HERE.

March 14, Early Years Workshop/Info Session: Writing in Prep

Parents, grandparents and other family members are all invited to the final Prep workshop of the year. Similar to the past presentation that had a focus on as reading readiness, this presentation will spotlight Writing in Prep; what writing looks like in a play-based environment, different tools to encourage writing, how to promote writing at home and how to inspire a love of writing. This workshop will take place on Thursday, March 14 from 8am-9am in the LLAC lobby. Please sign up HERE

March 7, Fine Motor Skills – Development and Milestones

In this presentation, Ms. Lorena Kastner (Occupational Therapist) will explain what fine motor skills are, the foundations and basic milestones, how we can help to develop these skills and learn practical strategies to support your child at home. Join us on Thursday, March 7 at the LLAC lobby from 8am-9:30am. Please sign up HERE.    

February 21, Parenting Pre-Teens

Parenting pre-teens can really knock you off balance. In this coffee morning, Dr. Amanda Oswalt will present on what makes preadolescence developmentally unique, as well as sharing her insights and techniques to help you find your footing again and reconnect with your child. Join us on Thursday, February 21 from 8am-9:30am in the LLAC. Sign up HERE.

February 20, Early Years Workshop/Info Session: Embedding Numeracy in Play

Parents, aunties, grandparents and other family members are invited to the next Early Years workshop on Wednesday, February 20 from 8am-9am in the library pit. This presentation, given by Kat Mehmet and Braedon Sharp, will demonstrate how mathematics is taught in an Early Years play-based environment. They will highlight the theory and pedagogical approaches, provide examples of games and provocations and suggest ways to support your child at home. Immediately after the presentation you will have the opportunity to visit an Early Years classroom to see what it looks like in real life! Please sign up HERE.

February 12, Grade 6 to 7 Transition Parent Information Night

The Upper School will be hosting an evening session to inform parents about the transition from Grade 6 and the Primary Years Programme into Grade 7 and the Middle Years Programme in 2019-20 from 6:45pm-8pm on Tuesday, February 12. Please click on the link for bus information and to RSVP.

January 23, Early Years Workshop/Info Session: Reading Readiness

Parents, aunties, grandparents and other family members are all invited to the next Early Years workshop on Wednesday, January 23 from 8am-9am in the Library Pit. This presentation, given by Prep teachers, will spotlight Reading Readiness: what reading looks like in a play-based environment, different strategies to encourage reading, how to promote reading at home and how to inspire a love of reading. Your child does not have to be in Prep for you to attend, but the material covered mostly pertains to our current Prep cohort. Please sign up HERE.

January 22 or 23, MYP Parent Information Night

Lower School parents of current Grades 3-4 are invited to join a Parent Information Night on Tuesday, January 22 at 6:30pm or Wednesday, January 23 at 8am in the LLAC Lobby to hear the Lower School and Upper School principals present the general structure of the model moving forward when the Grade 6s become part of the Upper School and starting the MYP in the 2020-2021 school year. Please RSVP HERE if you plan to attend on January 22 or January 23.

Jan 15 – April 2, Parenting Teenagers Course

Unable to relate to your teenager? Trying to build a more positive relationship with them? For 10 weeks, guidance counsellors My Thanh Mac and Timothy Woo will facilitate the course for parents of  G7-12 students. The cost is $300. All sessions are from 8:30am-10:30am, with the first session on Tuesday, January 15. For more details and to register, click here.

Jan 8, 10 & 15, Course Selection in Upper School

The Upper School will be hosting evening sessions to inform parents about the course selection process in the US. Each session will be dedicated to the specifics of different Grade levels and will run from 6:30pm-8pm. Tuesday, January 8 for parents of students currently in Grade 8; Thursday, January 10 for parents of students currently in Grade 9; and Tuesday, January 15 for parents of students currently in Grade 10. Please click on the links to RSVP and for bus information.

Dec 13, HoS Coffee Morning

Join Head of School David Baird for a coffee on Thursday, December 13 at the Starbucks located at IFC Mall, Shop No. 2097-2098 on Podium Level Two, 8 Finance Street, Central between 10am-11:30am. Coffee on him!

Nov 21, MAP Outcomes and Supporting Differentiation in LS

The LS Coffee Morning on Wednesday, November 21 will be led by Dr. Helen Kelly, Lower School Principal, Natalie Ross, Learning Coach and Bonnie Calanchinni, Learning Leader for Inclusion. They will be talking about how the Lower School uses MAP and other data to support differentiation in the classroom. Please RSVP here by Friday, November 16.

Nov 20, Recognizing Signs of Stress in Kids, Teens and Ourselves

The LS-US Guidance Team is excited to offer an early evening Parent Workshop, “Recognizing Signs of Stress in Kids, Teens and Ourselves: Identification and Assistance” on Tuesday November 20 from 6pm-7:30pm in the LLAC lobby. All parents welcomed. Registration is required, please sign up here.

Nov 14, Helping Students Manage Grade 7 Homework 

October Break is over and homework is beginning! Join Susie Heinrich to find out how students should be using their planners, effective homework strategies and how you might be able to help while maintaining a positive relationship. This session takes place on Wednesday, November 14 from 8am-9am in the LLAC Lobby. Please RSVP at this link if you will be joining.

Nov 7, Talking Digital Citizenship with the Vice Principals 

Join DJ MacPherson and Barb Dacho for a Parent Coffee Morning from 8am-9am in the LLAC Lobby on Wednesday, November 7 to discuss how CDNIS is addressing the very important issue of digital citizenship and what you can do at home to ensure your children’s digital experiences are positive and constructive.