Charitable initiatives supported by CISPA

The CISPA Outreach Committee supports projects that have a service, charitable or environmentally conscious element. The initiative can be student, staff or parent led. Outreach offers funds to projects, as well as mentorship, advice, support and guidance and/or manpower. Here are projects we have supported to date:

  • Last summer there was substantial damage to schools in Lombok from the earthquakes. With little local funding to repair the schools, students and teachers have been displaced. In a parent-led initiative, a parent from the Outreach Committee along with teachers and other CDNIS parents ran yoga sessions at the Family Fun Fair, requesting donations for this cause. Parents were also invited to donate directly to the charity through a link on the CISPA FB page. CISPA Outreach Committee voted to match all donations raised to a maximum of HKD 7,500.  The fundraising was successful and CISPA Outreach matched and donated HKD 7,500 directly to the charity working to rebuild the school.
  • A CDNIS parent works for an apparel brand that shreds left over samples of brand new children clothing and accessories.  In a parent-led initiativeOutreach Committee Members de-labeled the samples and sorted them by age, category and season. With the help of Hands On Hong Kong, Christian Action agreed to take these samples for refugees at Chung King Mansions. They were delivered on December 19, 2018. In the future, the Upper School students will take any additional samples and deliver them to needy communities on their Experience Week trips.
  • The Grade 5 Charity Challenge as described in following link.
  • Cooking for a Cause Upper School Club hosted a FFF booth selling smoothies.  Profits will be used to fund ingredients for eight cookouts they do during the year for refugees on behalf of Christian Action. CISPA Outreach has funded some of the cost of the ingredients for the smoothies and cookouts.
  • A number of Upper School students attended the Nepal Experience Week in November.  They held a stall at the FFF to sell textiles they purchased in Nepal and donated the profits to the Child Welfare Scheme to help schools in Nepal. CISPA Outreach funded some of the cost of the textiles.
  • The CDNIS UNICEF US Club hosted a stall selling loaded nachos. Profits will go towards CDNIS UNICEF events such as funding a poverty simulation.  CISPA Outreach funded some of the cost of the nachos ingredients.
  • CISPA Outreach will be working with the Lower School Maker teachers on ideas of how to use the decommissioned uniforms. Uniforms can be donated to CISPA in 9/F foyer.
  • A CDNIS parent and Outreach Committee member coordinated a Refugee Walk for 25 parents and students with the Centre for Refugees at Chungking Mansions. The walk highlighted the challenges refugees face when they live in Hong Kong. Outreach covered the cost of the walk. These funds go directly towards supporting the needs of the refugee community, including purchase of items for the homes visited on the day. Parents and students were also asked to make a donation to the agency as well. Photos from the walk are posted on the CISPA Parent Pinboard on Facebook.
  • The Outreach Committee is working with the Grade 7 teachers to support the MYP Service as Action learning component, one of which took place on November 16 when students gained ‘Exposure Experiences’. Twenty students participated for a full day in the ‘FirstHand’ programme developed by the HELP for Helpers NGO. The programme comprises multi-media educational components using software, role playing actives and reflections to build empathy and understanding around the issue and treatment of domestic workers in Hong Kong. The Outreach Committee contributed to the cost of the programme.
  • The CISPA Outreach Initiatives Committee congratulates the Upper School Club, Habitat For Humanity, for successfully receiving funding from Outreach for their build trip to Rayong.
  • We were also happy to have helped fund a Parent-Led initiative. A family in our community took the time to manually remove all the logos from the old pinstriped uniforms to send to needy schools in the Philippines.
  • In a Student-Led initiative, three CDNIS students received support from Outreach to help transport unwanted water bottles to Impact HK. The students washed, labelled and delivered nearly 200 unclaimed water bottles from CDNIS. The bottles were in turn filled and handed out to homeless individuals on the charities’ nightly Kindness Walks.  

Does your child or family have a charitable project that would benefit from Outreach’s support and expertise? The application form can be found here. All applications will be considered by the Outreach Committee. If you have an idea, no matter how big or small, please reach out to us.

Please contact for more information about the Outreach Committee, or to join us!