Calling all CDNIS parents! Grade 6 needs you

Please read this letter from the Grade 6 Team and help Grade 6 students with their PYP work.

If you have any questions, please contact Benedicte Benoit, Grade 6 Grade Leader at


Dear CDNIS Parents, Students and Teachers,

We are calling on your expertise and experience to support our students with their PYP exhibition inquiries.

Beginning Monday, February 18, please visit the 8/F area outside Ms. Cheung’s classroom to view each Grade 6 student’s exhibition purpose and/or area of exploration. Because of the nature of our central idea, “Exploring issues, interests and passions inspires change”, we have a broad range of focus areas.

If you know a photographer, an artist, a cook, a historian, a meteorologist, an aid worker, an environmentalist, a builder, a scientist  …….. i.e.  anyone who could contribute meaningfully, or, if you have a particular interest or connection with one of our inquiries, we would like to know. Likewise, if you know of a place or an organisation that is relevant to the focus.

Please take a post-it note and write a message, including your email address, about how you can help, and place it on the relevant poster, using the sticky tape and blu tack provided.

The students will collect them daily and make contact as soon as possible.

Thank you very much.

The G6 Team