Grade 4 Charity Challenge

The CISPA Outreach Committee is proud to support the GRADE 4 CHARITY CHALLENGE, an exciting persuasive public-speaking competition.

Students will compete within their classes to pitch a charity of their choice to a panel of judges, with the purpose of winning a total of $7500 in donations – all sponsored by CISPA! One student from each of the five Grade 4 classes will win $1500 for their persuasive presentation, earning these funds for a charity of their choice.

The Charity Challenge is a CISPA Outreach Committee initiative led by CDNIS parent, Liyen Chow, in collaboration with Grade 4 Learning Leader, Becky Goodwin and the Grade 4 teaching team. The challenge is tied to curriculum being taught to students and aims to build student awareness and action around charitable causes as well as teaching the Grade 4 cohort persuasive public speaking techniques.

The challenge is being conducted virtually this year with students submitting their pitches via video. To support students, the Outreach Committee created an engaging video on Presentation Skills which has already been shared with all Grade 4 students (you can download the slideshow version, below). At the end of the competition, students will vote on one winning presenter from their respective classes. Voting on the pitches is expected to take place on June 8 with the results to be announced on June 10.

The CISPA Outreach Committee has enjoyed being part of an initiative which highlights that children can have a charitable impact at a young age and looks forward to congratulating the five winning presenters very soon!


This is the second year that CISPA’s Outreach Committee has collaborated with the Lower School on the Charity Challenge. For more information about the CISPA Outreach Committee or to get involved at any time during the school year, please contact CISPA at