CISPA Letter To The CDNIS Community

Dear CDNIS Community,

After 30 years of operation, CISPA has brought many wonderful memories to our CDNIS community, along with many great services to our legacy. Sadly, the last few years has seen many board directors leave. Also coupled with the rise of COVID pandemic it has put our volunteering activity plan at school under significant limitations and boundaries. 

In 2020, a resolution was passed to reduce the minimum number of directors to 3, due to the lack of participation. We began searching for options for our future and have come to a conclusion after 2 years of debate. Since then, we have been exploring many possible opportunities with the school leadership team to uphold many parent-led events, and now we have come to a conclusion after 2 years of deliberate considerations. 

An EGM was held on Monday August 8th 2022 at 10:00 am Hong Kong time via Zoom. All board directors of CISPA were present along with 34 parent attendees. The agenda of the meeting was the dissolution of CISPA and a new proposed structure. The resolution to dissolve CISPA as a registered company was approved by all while 2 parent attendees abstained. We have begun the process of winding up.

The school is working very hard to set up new opportunities for parents to volunteer. In the meantime, keep an eye out for volunteering opportunities in the Flash.

CISPA would like to show our heart-felt appreciation to all the support and understanding from all the parents in our CDNIS community throughout the years.