ACAMIS The Association of China and Mongolia International Schools
AD Athletic Director
ADE Apple Distinguished Educator
ADMW Alan Dick Memorial Walk
ADS Apple Distinguished School
AF Annual Fund
AOK Area of Knowledge (ToK)
ASA After School Activity
ATL Approaches to Learning
ATT Approaches to Teaching
ATTL Approaches to Teaching and Learning
BB BlackBaud
BC British Columbia
B&O Business and Operations
BOG Battle of the Grades (Upper School)
CA Classroom Assistant (now called Educational Assistant)
CAS Creativity, Action, Service
CAS (LS) Creativity, Activity, Service
CDNIS Canadian International School of Hong Kong
CFF Chinese Flower Fair
CIS Council of International Schools (CIS Accreditation)
CISPA Canadian International School’s Parent Association
CNY Chinese New Year
COIAC CISPA’s Outreach Initiatives Advisory Committee
CPD Curriculum Planning Day (morning only for students)
CPM Collaborative Planning Meeting (Lower School)
CX Cathay Pacific
DDD Dress Down Day
DP Diploma Programme
DPC Diploma Programme Coordinator
EA Educational Assistant
EA External Assessment
EARCOS East Asia Regional Council of Schools
ECA Extra Curricula Activity
EDD Early Dismissal Day (day before winter holiday & CNY)
EE Extended Essay
ESS Environmental Systems & Societies
EUR Enquiry Upon Results (DP)
EY Early Years (Pre-Reception, Reception and Prep)
F+A Finance and Accounting
FFF Family Fun Fair
FOA Festival of the Arts
FOA Further Oral Activity (IB Diploma Language & Literature course)
G4P Group 4 Project
GLL Grade Level Leader
HKG Hong Kong International Airport
HKSSF Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation
HL Higher Level (IB Diploma Courses)
HOS Head of School
HR Human Resources
HTWW How the world works (PYP Transdiciplinary Theme)
HWEO How we express ourselves (PYP Transdiciplinary Theme)
HWOO How we organize ourselves (PYP Transdiciplinary Theme)
IA Internal Assessment
IB International Baccalaureate
IBA International Baccalaureate Americas
IBAEM International Baccalaureate Africa, Europe, Middle East
IBAP International Baccalaureate Asia Pacific
IBE International Baccalaureate Educator
IBEN International Baccalaureate Educator Network
IBIS International Baccalaureate Information System
IBSO IB Schools of Ontario
ICT Information Communication Technology
ISSFHK International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong
IT Information Technology
IOC Individual Oral Commentary
IOP Individual Oral Presentation
ISP Individual Support Plan
IT Information Technology
LLAC Leo Lee Arts Centre
LS Lower School
LSGC Lower School Guidance Counsellor
LSLT Lower School Leadership Team
LSP Lower School Principal
LSSC Lower School Student Council
LST Learning Support Team
LTC Learning Technologies Council
LTT Learning and Teaching Technologies
MA Mandarin A Level
MCQ Multiple Choice Exam
MFL Mandarin Foundation Level
MHL Mandarin Higher Level
MSL Mandarin Standard Level
MTPYPH Making the PYP Happen
MUN Model United Nations
MYP Middle Years Programme
OCC Online Curriculum Centre
OCT Ontario College of Teachers
OSSD Ontario Secondary School Diploma
OSX Mac Operating System
P Principal
PA Performing Arts
PD Professional Development
PG Predicted Grades
PGP Professional Growth Plan
PIN Parent Information Night
PLA Prescribed List Of Authors (DP)
PLC Professional Learning Community
PLN Professional Learning Network
POI Programme of Inquiry
PP Personal Project
PSPE Personal, Social and Physical Education
PYP Primary Years Programme
PYPC Primary Years Programme Coordinator
RUA Responsible Use Agreement
SEASAC South East Asia Students Activities Conference
SEED School Environmental Education Development (Committee)
SEN Special Educational Needs
SL Standard Level (IB Diploma Courses)
SLC Student Led Conferences
SLLR Student Led Learning Review
SLT Senior Leadership Team
SSSTL School Supported Self Taught Language
STP Sharing the planet (PYP Transdiciplinary Theme)
SUNY State University Of New York
SVTL School visits team leader
SVTM School visits team member
TAP Teacher Advisory Program
TBA To be announced
TBC To be confirmed
TOK Theory of Knowledge
THRASS Teaching Handwriting, Reading and Spelling Strategies
UOI Unit of Inquiry
US Upper School
USP Upper School Principal
USSC Upper School Student Council
VA Visual Arts
VP Vice Principal
WASC Western Association of Schools and Colleges
WoK Ways of Knowing (ToK)
WS Workshop
WSL Workshop Leader
WWA Who we are (PYP Transdiciplinary Theme)
WWPT Where we are in place and time (PYP Transdiciplinary Theme)

Sports Leagues:

ACAMIS The Association of China and Mongolian International Schools

HKSSF Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation

ISSFHK International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong

SEASAC South East Asia Students Activities Conference

Other International Schools in Hong Kong: (Schools that CDNIS athletics teams play against)

AIS American International School

AISHK Australian International School of Hong Kong

CAIS Christian Alliance International School

CIS Chinese International School

DC Discovery College

DSC Delia School of Canada

FIS French International School

GSIS German Swiss International School

HKA Hong Kong Academy

HKIS Hong Kong International School

ICS International Christian School

KIS Korean International School

KGV King George V (pronounced “K G five”)

RC Renaissance College

SIS Singapore International School  (note – same as South Island School)

SIS South Island School (note – same as Singapore International School)

STC Sha Tin College

YCIS Yew Cheung International