ASA’s and Clubs

ASAs are held after school and led by a team of professional service providers. Parents are required to pay an additional fee for these activities.

ASAs are available to students in Reception through to Grade 8.

Detailed information about ASAs is available at Registration information for ASAs is available at

ASA Supervision Procedures: ASAs commencing at 2:30pm
From Week 3, Grades 2-4 can move directly to their ASA after school if they know where they are going.  If they are unsure they should go to 9th Floor Playground before 2.30pm. Pre K – Grade 1 should always go to 9th Floor Playground. – All students in Reception who wish to join an After School Activity MUST be picked up by their parent, guardian or carer at the end of the school day on the 9th floor and escorted to their activity. The responsible adult MUST remain on site during the activity and ensure the child is escorted home after the activity. – Prep and Grade 1 students attending an ASA will gather on the 9/F playground at the end of school to meet their instructors. Instructors will then escort students to their activity. If it is raining the ASA Meeting Point will be the 8/F Corridor.

ASAs commencing at any time other than 2:30pm
All students Grade 4 and below will go to the ASA Meeting Point (9/F playground if dry and 8/F corridor if wet). CDNIS Activities Department staff will escort students to the Supervision Room. CDNIS Activities Department staff will escort students to their 3:15pm or 4:00pm activity.

At the completion of ASAs
Service Provider Instructors of activities that finish BEFORE 4:00pm are required to escort the students to the Supervision Room. Service Provider Instructors of activities that finish AT 4:00pm you are required to escort the students to the 7/F Bus Pick Up area or 9/F lobby for parent/helper pick up. At no time should instructors leave CDNIS before ensuring students are picked up, on buses or under CDNIS staff supervision. ASA supervision is from 2:30-4:00. If a student is not picked up by parent by 4:00pm and is not taking the school bus the student will be escorted to the 9/F office.

Collection of Students at the completion of ASAs
CDNIS Activities Department Staff and /or Service Providers will escort students from activities back to the Supervision Room if the activity finishes prior to 4:00pm. Service Provider instructors will escort students to the bus (7/F) and main lobby (9/F) for all activities that finish at 4pm or later. With regard to Tennis, for the first week students should go to the 9/F to meet the bus. Thereafter they can go straight to the 7/F to get on the bus. The provider has an adult escort on the bus to assist the students.

Students unsupervised after school
Students remaining at school and waiting for their activity to start  are required to be in one of the following areas: 1) ASA Supervision Room: 812A (every weekday) 2) Library: For students in Grade 5 or above who have appropriate work 3) 6/F Cafeteria: Homework, reading, quiet time. Under no circumstances are students allowed outside of these areas without permission.

Clubs – Upper School
US students have many opportunities to pursue their interests in a wide variety of clubs and organizations.  Each club is sponsored by a teacher. The activities and clubs offered may change from year to year. For students interested in joining a club or activity, please check daily announcements on FirstClass for meeting times and places. Please see