School Bus

Kwoon Chung Motors (KCM) is the school’s bus service provider, and their goal is to safely transport students to CDNIS and back home again. All inquiries about bussing should be directed to KCM.

Phone: (852) 2979 8798
Fax: (852) 2561 1778
Attention: Alice Yiau

Safety Rules

  • All students MUST wear set belts on board the bus.
  • Children board their buses immediately after school and remain on them until they reach their stop.
  • Children remain seated whenever the bus is in motion.
  • Children alight from the bus after it comes to a complete stop.
  • No objects will be thrown on the bus or out of the windows.
  • Arms, legs and heads must remain well inside the bus.
  • Children will be respectful to the bus driver, bus escort and other students.
  • Children are not allowed to drink or eat on the bus.
  • Obscene language and fighting are not tolerated.
  • Children are not allowed to use laptops or tablets on the bus.

Late Buses
In addition to the regular afternoon buses that depart the school at 2:35pm, there is a late bus service provided for students who stay on for after school activities. These buses depart from the school at 4:10-4:20pm and 5pm-5:20pm. Bus escorts will on the 2:35pm and 4:10pm-4:20pm services. Only students who pay for regular bus services are allowed to use the late bus service.

Changing Buses
Pre-Reception, Reception, and Prep students are NOT allowed to change buses (eg. for play dates, study groups). Grade 1-6 students can change buses if parents send an email to KCM at least two working days in advance and approval has been received. Bus changes are subject to availability on buses, with priority given to regular riders. Late notices will not be accommodated.

Unregistered Bus Riders
Students (or parents) who are not enrolled in the bus service and wish to take the school bus, the price is HK$50.00 (HK Island) or HK$100.00 (Kowloon & New Territories) per single journey, subject to seat availability. Please note that this service is not for permanent use. Parents must inform the bus company at least one day in advance, and reserves the right to refuse any unregistered riders at any time.

CDNIS strongly urges parents to take advantage of the school bus service in order to reduce congestion and pollution. If you plan to drive your children to or from school, please follow the instructions under Traffic Regulations (See General School Policies) the directions of the security guards and refrain from running engines and air-conditioners while waiting.

Parent Information Handbook
Details about bussing at CDNIS can be found on pages 35-37 of the CDNIS Parent Information Handbook 2018-19.