Coming to School

Parking at the school is only available on a daily basis for those who request and are granted parking from the office prior to arriving.  A permit is required. Cars parked along the road are often ticketed.  In addition, the congestion during the morning rush is significant. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the school bus system for their children’s commute to and from school and for public buses for themselves. Please see Visiting the School – Public Transportation and School Bus Services.

Our traffic regulations have been developed to improve the flow of traffic around the school at pick-up and drop-off times.  These regulations apply equally to parents and drivers using private vehicles, as well as to taxis.  Observing these rules will help manage and reduce congestion, stress and pollution that result from the large number of vehicles using Nam Long Shan Road.

Traffic Regulations – Arrival:

  • Lower School students must be dropped off at the main entrance
  • Upper School students must be dropped off at the LLAC entrance
  • No right turn out of the School main entrance.  All traffic must turn left.
  • Cars with LS and US children may be directed to either entrance depending on congestion (all students from these cars should alight together at one entrance; it is not necessary to make a stop at each entrance)
  • We discourage parents and helpers from accompanying students to class in the morning as waiting cars add further congestion. Volunteers will be in the driveways and hallways to guide children. This teaches children self-responsibility, in keeping with the IB learner profile. Those parents/helpers who choose to accompany students to class will not be able to leave the school until after 8am to avoid congestion. Waiting cars will have to wait/park towards Marycove School, further up the hill towards Ocean Park or on other roads in Wong Chuk Hang.
  • No parking is allowed between the two entrances.  If you or your driver have to park the car, please do so further down the hill past Marycove School
  • Two lanes of traffic within the main entrance rotary will be setup
  • All taxis must use the LLAC entrance regardless of student grade level
  • Absolutely no alighting from vehicles on the road

Traffic Regulations – Departure:

The first set of busses leaves at 2:35pm.  Until 2:35pm, you can ONLY collect students from the roadside or LLAC.  Cars are not allowed in the main roundabout while busses are waiting for students. From 2:35pm until the busses have left (about 10 minutes), cars are stopped on the road to prevent accidents. Once the busses have left the school, cars are allowed into the main roundabout to collect students, or they can be picked up from the main road or LLAC. The same rules apply at 4:20pm when the second set of busses leaves.

Please note that this system is a permanent part of CDNIS, and is as important as other school rules and policies. Parents, drivers and students are expected to follow the directions of staff and volunteers, but more importantly, are required to maintain this system throughout the school year. Please keep a copy of these rules on your dashboard. CISPA’s Sustainable Development Committee and the school encourage parents to take advantage of the school bus system. Students can be enrolled anytime during the year, so don’t ever think it’s too late! Support from you, your driver and helpers to build on our progress in making CDNIS an even greener school is much appreciated.