Communications with School

School-to-Parent Communications
The school communicates regularly with parents through a variety of means.

  • Via the weekly Flash newsletter that features information about school-wide news, activities and events. It includes sections for Lower School, Upper School, CISPA and the LLAC marquee as well.
  • Curriculum Nights held early in the school year give CDNIS staff the opportunity to present the curriculum and discuss other important aspects of school life.
  • Parents are informed of their child’s progress via learning updates and progress reports three times per year in the LS, and via report cards that are issued at regular intervals in the US.
  • Three-way Learning Reviews, Student-led Learning Reviews and parent-teacher conferences all provide additional opportunities for communication among parents, students and staff.
  • Teachers will directly email or call parents if they feel that a student is experiencing difficulties.

The CDNIS website is a clearinghouse for all information about the school, including contact information for various departments. The school also posts breaking news items such as school closures during adverse weather on its website.

CDNIS faculty use various sharing platforms for students and parents to communicate with teachers. For more details about these platforms, contact your child’s teachers.

Parent-to-School Communications
Parents are encouraged to e-mail or call the school to speak with teachers or an administrator if they have questions or concerns about their child’s education. In general, the preferred method for contacting individual CDNIS staff members is e-mail. All staff members have an e-mail address that follows the same pattern. Simply type in the staff member’s first name, followed by his/her surname, and then add Capitalization is not important. For example, if the staff member’s name were John Smith, his e-mail address would be Please note that although Chinese surnames appear first traditionally, followed by the personal name, at CDNIS the email addresses place the personal name first and surname second.

General inquiries can be made by calling the Main Office number, 2525-7088, or by e-mailing If you need to contact the school on a more urgent matter and cannot wait for the appropriate staff member to reply by e-mail, call Reception (2525 7088) and ask to be put through to the relevant department.

Please note: Office staff members (receptionists or others) are not able to hand-deliver messages to teachers or students during the school day unless it is an extremely urgent matter. The office staff have been instructed to e-mail messages to teachers if a message is received before 2pm. While teachers do check their e-mail accounts occasionally throughout the day, their primary focus is teaching, so messages that are sent just before dismissal may not reach the student in time.

School Parent Email Addresses
All parents and guardians of students at CDNIS are issued with a school parent email address by the school that the school uses to communicate with parents and guardians. The school parent email address is powered by gmail, and uses the format of

The school parent email address is the schools preferred means of parents emailing in to the school, however the school is able to receive emails from your personal email address. It is school policy to only send official school emails out to your school parent email address, including the CDNIS Flash email and CISPA Beat.

The school parent email address has a restricted white-list of email addresses that emails can be received from. Emails that are on the white-list that can be received include other school parent email addresses and school faculty email addresses. Your school parent email address will not receive emails from other parents who use their personal email address to send. The school parent email address should not receive any unwanted spam emails.

Directly forwarding emails from your school parent email address to your personal does not work unless you also switch the sender address to your personal address. If you mis-type an email address that you want to send to, the school parent email system does not send you a bounce-back or a Delivery Status Notification (Failure) message to let you know the email address you typed was invalid.

If you wish, you can set up automatic forwarding to any email address using gmail settings when you log in to your school parent email address via an internet browser.

If you are having difficulties with your school parent email address, contact One Door for assistance at from any email address or call OneDoor at 2240 6399.

Keep the School Informed of Your Particulars
In case of emergency, it is essential that the school has current contact information for all adults responsible for every CDNIS student. For incidents that affect all or part of the school, CDNIS uses an emergency notification system utilizing SMS messages, emails and bulletins posted on the school website.

Parents should ensure that both the classroom teacher and the Administration Office know their current email address and telephone numbers.  Further, in case of emergency (a school closure, for example), the school may need to contact the students’ caregivers, so please provide the contact information for whoever meets your student at the bus and/or acts as a caregiver.

Parents can update their contact information via:

Parent/Guardian Concern Policy
The “Parent/Guardian Concern Protocol, Policy 3.7” outlines how communication should take place.  At the request of the school, this policy is reproduced below:

Questions, issues or concerns that parents/guardians may have regarding their child’s schooling should be dealt with in a manner which reflects mutual respect and fair process. Whenever possible, the Board of Governors encourages parents/guardians to address concerns directly with the relevant employee.

The Board recognizes the importance of establishing a process which encourages parents/guardians and employees to communicate honestly and promptly regarding questions, issues or concerns involving their student’s schooling.  The Board recognizes that, whenever possible, concerns are best resolved between the respective employee and the parent/guardian. Protocols to address issues should encourage honest dialogue and foster mutual respect.

Administrative Regulations and Procedures 

  1. This policy is intended to deal with all parent or guardian concerns or questions about an employee, communicated to any other employee or Governor, except for allegations of criminal misconduct and complaints undertaken by law enforcement agencies.
  2.  Any parent or guardian initiating a complaint (the complainant) shall be directed first to the employee who is the subject of the complaint.  A principal and/or teacher may offer to accompany the complainant to the meeting with the employee.
  3.  The employee who initially directs the complainant to the subject of the complaint shall inform that individual that a complainant has been directed to them.
  4.  The complainant and the subject employee shall meet in an attempt to resolve the complaint.
  5.  If a meeting has taken place and the complainant is not satisfied, the employee’s supervisor or designate, shall meet with the complainant and employee in an attempt to resolve the matter.
  6.  The supervisor shall communicate the resolution to all parties involved and outline the complainant’s right to file an appeal to the Head of School, whose decision shall be final.