Domestic Helpers and Drivers

Parents are reminded that Domestic Helpers and Drivers are welcome at school under the following conditions:

  • to accompany students to school in the morning prior to 7:50am.
  • to accompany students home after school from 2:15pm-2:45pm
  • to accompany and assist Pre Reception/Reception students for swimming classes during the school day. (Visitor’s Badge required)
  • to accompany students home after ECAs/Swimming from 4pm-5:20pm. (Visitor’s Badge required)

Domestic Helpers and Drivers are not permitted to remain at or wait in the school during the school day.  After school, Helpers may wait in the 6/F Cafeteria only while students attend an ECA or Swimming lesson. If making a delivery or assisting during school hours, the Helper or Driver must leave the school immediately afterwards. Helpers or Drivers should not be at the school at any times other than when necessary.

As the school has grown, the number of visitors has increased so measures of this nature are necessary to ensure safety and security.  The Administration appreciates your assistance and cooperation.