Library Services

Located on the 10/F, one level up from the 9/F Lobby, the school library offers a wide assortment of books, reference materials, newspapers, and periodicals, including French-language, for use by the school community. The Chinese language material is located on the 11/F, in the new Chinese Cultural Centre. In addition, the library provides access to extensive online resources such as databases, encyclopaedias and other reference websites. Facilities include a drama pit suitable for group presentations and a computer bar of 26 laptops with internet access. These may be used by parents if not needed by students. A separate primary library caters to primary students.

Opening Hours:
Primary Library –  Monday 7:20 am to 2:30 pm, Tuesday through Friday  7:20 am to 2:45 pm
Main Library- Monday 7:20 am to 2:30 pm, Tuesday through Friday 7:20 am to 4 pm

Please note: A parent must accompany students from Pre-Reception to Grade 4 if they wish to visit the library after school hours. Students in Grades 5 and up may be in the library to work or read quietly. Students waiting for after school activities must go to a designated, supervised ASA area (not the library).

Access to Library Materials Online: The CDNIS library catalogue, databases and library-approved websites can be accessed from any computer in the school as well as from home by logging onto the library site:

Circulation Policies: Pre-Reception to Grade 6 classes visit the library once per week to exchange books. All students are encouraged to exchange their library books as needed during regular class exchange periods or during free time before and after school, at recess or lunch. Items can be returned to the circulation desk or to the book return boxes located around the school.

Borrowing Privileges vary by grade:

  • Pre- Reception – Reception: 1 English book
  • Prep – 1 English book plus 1 Chinese book
  • Grade 1 – Grade 2 – 2 English books plus 1 Chinese book
  • Grade 3 – Grade 4 – 3 English books plus 1 Chinese book
  • Grade 5 – Grade 6 – 4 English books plus 2 Chinese books
  • Grade 7 – Grade 12 – 5 English books plus 2 Chinese books

Upper school students are encouraged to sign out books at any time. They will visit the library with their classes depending on the subject.

Parents have access to the library’s resources, and may check out up to three books for two weeks at a time, either for themselves or for their children. In order to check out books, a parent must have a CDNIS ID card and a library card number. Both may be obtained at the Library Services desk.

Overdue Material: There are no fines for overdue materials. If items are not returned after overdue reminders have been sent home, invoices for the lost materials will be issued.

Library Expectations: The library is a shared space, used for instruction as well as for individual research and reading. Please be considerate of others. Food and drinks are not allowed in the library. LS students are asked to leave their bags in the designated areas.