OneDoor (Laptops, iPads and Tech)

OneDoor is the school’s one-stop-shop for all things Mac and in need of fixing and anything technology related. If you are having trouble with something technical, internet or email based, OneDoor can solve your problem.

OneDoor is located on the 7/F, it is the first place students should go if they are having problems with their laptops. You can contact OneDoor on 2240 6399 or through After school hours, parents and students can choose to call the Apple Hotline for additional support (2240 6377).

Under the school’s agreement with Apple, all hardware-related problems are covered for the first year. Additional coverage from the 2nd and 3rd year can be covered by a valid AppleCare warranty. This service includes labour costs, spare parts, and a battery replacement plan. CDNIS encourages all users to join the AppleCare maintenance plan, as it is quite common that most hardware-related problems occur during the 2ndand 3rd years.

Repairs arising from user negligence are not covered and require payment before repairs can proceed. For those who have purchased accidental insurance coverage, claims can be made with the insurance company after repairs are completed.  Students will be provided with a loaner laptop during the repair period.

OneDoor does offer other services, such as the sale of external USB hard disks, and other computer related-products.