Special Events

Alan Dick Memorial Day
A special day for the CDNIS community to celebrate the memory of beloved former Principal of the Lower School. Students participate in an all-school, house-based celebration with lots of fun and community spirit. Students are invited to wear their PE uniforms or PINK! Parents are welcome to attend.

CISPA Parent Information Meetings
Parent Information Meetings offer parents a chance to meet and hear a presentation on a topic of interest.  These are promoted in the CISPA Beat, listed in the Flash, and CISPA website.

Curriculum Nights
Curriculum Nights are held at the beginning of each school year.  They provide an opportunity for staff to meet with parents and discuss what their children will be studying in the upcoming year, as well as other important aspects of school life.  Parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

Dress Down Days
Dress Down Days (DDD) are usually held on the last Friday of the month to encourage school spirit and raise funds for charities.  On DDD, students may come to school dressed in their regular clothes or themed attire. If they choose to participate, they are asked to make a donation for the designated charity (minimum $20).  Funds raised are distributed to charities. The school maintains a complete accounting of disbursements.

Evening of the Arts / Exhibitions (Upper School)
Evenings of the Arts give US Music and Drama students the opportunity to perform for their families and fellow students.  Evenings are set aside for both drama and musical performances by the various classes, bands and ensembles, as well as an annual Visual Arts Exhibition for graduating IB students.

Festival of the Arts (Lower School)
The week-long Festival of the Arts celebrates all varieties of artistic expression at CDNIS. Works of art are created and displayed throughout the campus, and different art performances are staged throughout the school during these days.

The LS hosts a Halloween parade that the students enjoy, and US students can also dress up for the day.  Many members of staff also dress for the occasion, and parents are invited to dress up and join in the fun.

“Spotlight” Performances (Lower School)
As part of the Performing Arts Programme each class presents a “Spotlight” performance based on a Unit of Inquiry.  The performance is a combination of song, dance and drama created by the students, class teachers and Performing Arts teachers.  Performances are scheduled throughout the year. Please check the CISPA calendar and watch the Flash for your child’s performance date.