CDNIS takes great pride its sports programmes, both within the school curriculum as well as extra-curricular activities. Teams that represent the school in competitions with other schools are known as the Timberwolves or T-Wolves.  Participation in athletics helps students become well-rounded individuals and promotes fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Participation in athletics is also seen as a positive factor on university applications.

If you have questions, try the T-Wolves and ISSFHK sites first.  If you still have questions, please feel free to contact the James Lovegrove, Athletic Director at 2525 7088 or email at

Physical Education/Health Classes
PE classes form an integral part of the curriculum for all students from Pre Reception to Grade 9. In Grades 10-12, the PE Department offers an optional Leadership/PE course. The curriculum is extensive and offers exposure to a wide range of sporting activities, including regular swimming lessons. For more information, contact your child’s PE teacher.

Athletics at CDNIS
In addition to attending required PE classes, students who are interested in participating in athletics have ample opportunity to become involved in competitive sports teams that represent the school, as well as non-competitive house leagues.

Competitive Sports at CDNIS
The philosophy at CDNIS is that students should have the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports, rather than specializing in just one activity. The school offers a comprehensive sports programme that covers several sports over three distinct seasons. In the last academic year, CDNIS had more than 70 teams representing the school.

Sports Fee
For each Season, and each sport in each Season, a Sports Fee of $500 is charged to every member of the team. This is a contribution toward the variety of costs associated with being part of that team. Click here for more details.

Age Divisions
There are five age divisions at CDNIS:

  • U10 – Students aged 9 or under as of 1 September of that academic year
  • U12 – Students aged 11 or under as of 1 September of that academic year
  • U14 – Students aged 13 or under as of 1 September of that academic year
  • U16 – Students aged 15 or under as of 1 September of that academic year
  • U20 – Students aged 19 or under as of 1 September of that academic year

The sports programme is organized into three seasons, each 8 to 12 weeks long, offering different sports.

Season 1:  September to November
Cross Country (U12–U20), Volleyball (U14-U20, SEASAC), Football (U14, SEASAC), Swimming (U12-U20), Touch Rugby (U14), Netball (U8-U12), Golf (SEASAC), Gymnastics;

Season 2:  November to February
Basketball (U10-U20, SEASAC), Ball Hockey (Open), Golf (Open), Tennis (Open, SEASAC), Girls’ Touch Rugby (U20, SEASAC); Boys Rugby (U16), Trail Running (U16-U20);

Season 3:  February to May
Track and Field (U12-U20), Boys’ Football (U20), Girls’ Football (U20), Badminton (U12-U20, SEASAC), Softball (Open, SEASAC), Boys Rugby (U12); Dragon Boating (Open)

Season 4:  May to June
Football (U12)

Competitive Team Try-Outs
Try-outs for the T-Wolves are announced at the start of each season, and all interested students may try-out.  Participation on competitive teams is restricted to students in Grades 4 and above, but rare exceptions are made for motivated and talented younger students. Team members are selected on a competitive basis.  Since the number of positions is limited, some students will not make the team. Most students who want to participate in cross-country running and track and field are part of the team, regardless of skill level.  These are good entry-level teams if your child wishes to get involved in school sports but has no experience.

Sports Leagues
CDNIS is a member of four sports organizations.  Our primary commitments lie with the International Schools Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK) and the South East Asian Students Activities Conference (SEASAC).  In addition, CDNIS participates in the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation (HKSSF) and events organized by the All China and Mongolian International Schools (ACAMIS).

  • The ISSFHK, divided into four divisions, runs the entire school year with different sports offered each season.
  • SEASAC, mainly for U20 teams, involves travel to compete at member schools in Southeast Asia.
  • HKSSF is a league of predominantly local Hong Kong schools.
  • ACAMIS includes competitions for U14/U16 football and basketball, as well as track and field.

Students selected for a team are expected to attend training sessions and matches.  At the U16 and U20 levels, the programme operates at least three afternoons per week, while the U12- and U14-level training sessions and/or matches are held at least twice per week.  Competitions against other schools and clubs are arranged each week throughout the season, and may be scheduled on weekends.

CDNIS is a full member of the ISSFHK and all teams participate in tournaments at the end of each season.  All members of the squad are expected to be available to attend the tournament. U20 teams attend a SEASAC tournament at the end of the season.  Since SEASAC member schools are located all over Southeast Asia, this often involves expenses to cover flights, hotels, and entry fees, among other items.  If these expenses pose a problem for any students, parents should contact the Athletic Director as soon as possible.

Transportation to Matches/Training Sessions
Transportation is provided after regular training sessions.  There is no additional charge for existing bus users.  However, the Sports Programme often operates outside regular bus hours, and in these cases door-to-door transportation is not available.  Instead, the school provides transportation to general locations from which students need to arrange their own way home.  U12 team coaches provide details on pick-up and drop-off locations.  For U14, U16 and U20 teams, the locations are Admiralty, Causeway Bay or the school.

We have a very competitive swimming team training 14 times a week at our school swimming pool.

Commitments to the Team:

  1. U10 must commit at least 4 sessions per week, U12 Swimmers must commit to at least 6 session per week, U14 and above must commit to at least 8 sessions per week
  2. All swimmer must meet the D3 qualifying times approved by the Hong Kong Amateur Swimming Association. Click here for the qualifying times.
  3. All Swimming team members will pay a fee of $1000 per half term that covers all training pool costs, equipment and competition registration fees
  4. The swimming team will represent CDNIS to compete in competitions like ISSFHK, SEASAC and ACAMIS

If you’re interesting in trying out for the swimming team please contact

Useful Websites for Sports Information: 

Further Information about the CDNIS Sports Programme

  • Coaches will send Parental and Student Approval and Participation Agreement Forms.   These must be completed only once per year. For U12 teams, coaches will send parents regular email updates.
  • Coaches and the Athletic Department communicate through the website, the Flash, or the Spotlight.