Student Health

School Nurses

Lower School, PreRec – Grade 6: (852) 2240 6329
Upper School, Grades 7 – 12: (852) 2240 6362

Guidelines for Sick Students

  1. DO NOT send your child to school if they have a fever. Body temperature 37.5 C and higher (taken via oral thermometer) OR 38 C and higher (taken via ear thermometer) is considered a fever.
  2. DO NOT send your child to school if he / she has a cough, runny nose, diarrhea, rash, or is feeling generally unwell. Unfortunately, one child’s illness can spread to the whole class.
  3. DO NOT give your child Panadol, Tylenol, Calpol or a cough suppressant in the morning and then send him / her to school. Medications only mask an illness and by lunchtime the student will feel unwell again.
  4. DO NOT come to school to pick up your child if the nurse has not called you. If your child calls you and asks to be picked up because he or she is not feeling well, please reconfirm with the nurse.
  5. Please notify the nurse if your child is absent for more than two days in a row or if your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness such as chicken pox, impetigo, herpangina (blisters or ulcers in mouth), or hand, foot and mouth disease.
  6. If your child has an undiagnosed rash or red itchy eyes with more than usual discharge please take him/her to the doctor to be diagnosed before returning to school.

CDNIS Fever Policy and Mask Policy
CDNIS strictly enforces the Fever Free Policy, as recommended by the Centre for Health Protection. Therefore, students who are sick or with a fever should not be in school whether or not they are wearing a mask.

Pre Rec to Grade 2 – students should be fever free for 48 hours before they can resume school.

Grade 3 and above – students should be fever free for 24 hours before they can resume school.

Please note that for students who are not sick and choose to wear a surgical mask to school as a preventative measure (allergies, immune disorders), our school staff will not be expected to monitor the correct wearing of their mask.

Lifts and Lift Passes
Students are not allowed to ride in the lift. Passes for students using the lift are granted only in SERIOUS medical circumstances. If your child requires a lift pass for more than three days, please bring a doctor’s note to the school nurse.

Crutches and Wheelchairs
Please be reminded that the crutches and wheelchair in the nurse’s office are strictly reserved for medical emergencies. Students recovering from injury and in need of crutches or a wheelchair are to make arrangements with their health care providers.