Weather Policy

Hong Kong weather can be extreme and often unpredictable necessitating the need to modify our school schedules on occasion. As always, parents are advised to use their best judgment in determining whether to send their children to school when inclement weather conditions or other road or safety conditions prevail. Any decision to close the school or delay opening will be made by the Head of School, or when absent, by one of the Principals, after considering the view of the Government and /or relevant school officials where appropriate.

The school will be closed temporarily in the following circumstances:

  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Instruction from the Education Bureau, the Department of Health, or other
  • Statutory Agency of the Government of Hong Kong that is empowered to close schools
  • Emergency or critical incident
  • Risk to health or safety
  • Special events in Hong Kong
  • Traffic conditions

The Education Department usually makes a decision at 6am on such mornings. Under normal circumstances, CDNIS will follow the Government’s recommendation and will not call parents directly. Parents should pay close attention to television/radio announcements, as well as Government websites. Where possible, the school shall ensure that adequate notice is given to the parents through a variety of media including a written note to parents on the main school website. Parents are advised to check the school website regularly during periods of adverse weather.

Useful Websites:

Rainstorm and Typhoon Warning Signals
The guidelines below are an indication for closure during adverse weather conditions.  The school will always put safety first to safeguard student welfare under any circumstances.


The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI)
The quality and condition of Hong Kong’s air fluctuates on a daily basis, and differs considerably from area to area. The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) is issued by the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong (EPD) to provide a simple and uniform way to report daily air pollution concentrations and to serve as a basis for issuing advice to the public before the onset of air pollution episodes. The school monitors these levels on a daily basis using data from the Central & Western Stations . CDNIS uses the following guidelines to safeguard our students.


Susceptible Students
Susceptible students are those who have a medical condition, such as heart, respiratory or chronic illnesses (i.e., asthma, chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive airways diseases), which is indicated on your child’s submitted medical information

For susceptible students, the following recommendations are in place:

AQHI Band  Applicable AQHI Recommendations 
7 8-10
≥8 10+